5 Incredible White Tiger Facts You Have to Know!

    Have you ever been to a zoo and wondered what white tiger facts are? If you are still curious, then there’s nothing wrong with you seeing the following discussion to become a close friend of this tiger!

    White Tiger Facts and Special Characteristics

    White Tiger Facts For Kids

    Animals belonging to the cat family are protected because their population numbers are increasingly rare in this world. They have white fur, which is why it is called the white tiger. But apart from that, there are some interesting facts to note. Let’s check!

    1. Where did the White Tiger Come From?

    This big cat belongs to the tiger subspecies, to be precise a variation of the Bengal tiger. In the wild, they are found in areas around India. In nature, the stripes of their bodies allow them to hide or camouflage for hunting purposes. They also like to settle in forests or grassy areas.

    2. Why Are They Rare?

    Their coat color is caused by a lack of pigment or pheomelanin from ordinary orange tigers. And this situation is very rare to find in the wild. At least out of 10,000 births, white tigers have only been found once. That, too, will happen if both parents do have a special recessive white color gene. Because of its beautiful fur, many evil hunters are lured and chase it. This is unfortunate and should not be done because it makes them increasingly rare in the world. Even though their population is not that much in the world, they can live long enough to reach 10-20 years.

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    3. Are White Tigers Albino Tigers?

    White Vs Albino Tiger
    White Tiger (Left) Vs Albino Tiger (Right)

    Not. They are, after all, a native subspecies of tiger. Another name is the White Bengal Tiger. The difference with albinos is that they still have a slight orange patch on their fur. The fur of this white tiger is generally white to cream in color and has a slight trace of orange with gray or brown stripes. They have very beautiful eyes like blue sapphires.

    4. The Color Of The Fur Can Darken Depending On The Weather

    Like other unique animals, namely the Himalayan Rabbit and Siamese Cat, this animal also has special enzymes in its body. This enzyme makes the coat sensitive to cold weather. So, the feathers will darken by themselves. Another cause is also due to their weakened immune system.

    5. Typical Body Patterns

    Did you know that the fingerprints of everyone in this world are different? Likewise, with the motifs on tiger fur. The lines on the hairs do not match and are the pigmentation of their own skin. Even if they were shaved, they would still have these lines until they grew hair back. Unique, huh?

    6. The Fast-Growing Tiger

    Small White TIger

    Compared to their orange cousins, white tigers grow faster. It is proven by its size which is already big since birth. They are also fully grown from the age of 2-3 years.

    7. How Big Is a White Tiger?

    When compared with other mammals, this tiger can weigh up to 2 giant pandas. Wow, amazing! Male white tigers can grow up to 420 – 57- pounds or 190 kg to 260 kg. While its body length reaches more than ten feet.

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    8. Who Are Their Opponents?

    These white tigers are not only endowed with hefty body sizes, but they are also great runners. They are good at disguise and run up to 60 miles per hour. Don’t bother or think about fun around them, because it is certain that your physical abilities will be defeated easily. This is one of the most interesting white tiger facts because it has almost no predators.

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