Bear Facts For Kids That Even Parents Might Be In Awe!

    Bears are very cute when they are seen in the form of teddy bears. As a matter of fact, bears are real fighters in their habitats. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they are cruel. When they need to survive, they will fight each other in pursuing their prey.

    There are actually lots of surprising things about bears that kids might have never heard. Even their parents still need to learn a lot about bears, whether it is about their various species, survival, availability, and unique way of diet!

    Find Out The Kinds of Bears Worldwide!

    Bear Facts For Kids
    Picture of A Bear

    While there are many kinds of different bears, the most famous ones are black bear, brown bear, polar bear, and Andean bear. Yet, there are subspecies among them. Black bear and brown bear has lots of subspecies that spread worldwide. It is important to know that the panda belongs to the bear family, with its distinctive performance.

    Among all those species, black bears are easier to find than other species, which only dwell on certain continents.  Famous black bears include Asiatic, Short-Faced, and Sun Bears. Unfortunately, both Short-Faced and Sun Bears are already extinct. They disappeared gradually mostly due to deforestation, and hunting. Hunters kill them to obtain their furry skins as the main material for winter coats!

    These days, black bears can be found in most of North America. While other existing bears include polar bears and panda bears. They are also prone to extinction, due to the massive hunting.

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    How They Hibernate

    Bear Hibernating

    The phenomenon of hibernating bears mostly inspires lots of cartoon series like Spongebob Squarepants, Masha and the Bear, Winnie The Pooh, and many more. Yes, bears hibernate every winter. When the fall comes, any bear eats all the time. They need to store those foods for hibernating for approximately six months. Every day, a bear can eat more than 50 kilograms of food.

    Well, their favorite foods are fish and other sea animals. Especially polar bears, they eat seals. All bears need to store a huge stock of fats from the animals that they find. The fat will keep them warm during hibernation. But, wait! Bears are actually omnivores. Black bears eat plants, too. They don’t care what they can eat, as long as they can store fats!

    Female bears give birth during the winter. The newly born cubs weigh less than a pound. Within three months, they reach thirty pounds! Thanks to the ‘mama bear’ that she provides milk with high nutrition as she has eaten a lot during the fall before the time she gives birth.

    The Real Fighter and Swimmer

    Bear Fighting
    Bear Swimming
    Bear Swimming

    Yes, bears will have no doubt in fighting for prey. They are also excellent swimmers as they can swim for almost two miles.  Meanwhile, polar bears can swim longer, as they can swim hundreds of miles. Once they can smell the existence of seals, they don’t wait the chance to swim for a very long distance. But, don’t think that seals don’t swim fast. They can swim faster than those giant catchers.  But, polar bears mostly win because they count on their ability to smell seals from miles away. Polar bears should only wait for the arriving seals and attack them out of the blue!

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    What Color is The Polar Bear?

    Bear - Polar Bear
    A Polar Bear

    Well, everyone must be surprised about the real color of the polar bear.  The fur of the polar bear is colorless and the skin is black! Everyone notices the white fur, due to the reflection of light and white snow. The reflection makes polar bears unnoticed by seals and reindeers.

    Let’s Help This Endangered Species!

    Almost all kinds of bears are gradually extinct. Particularly for polar bears, their existence is in danger. We all know that they count on sea ice for survival. Climate change has caused their sea ice habitat to a great loss. While their habitat is reduced significantly, they try to find other places on the land, where human beings reside.  Unfortunately, they are mostly killed, due to their efforts in finding foods.

    Kids, we can help them with the simplest thing that we do daily. Let’s use environmentally friendly food supplies, and reduce the use of gasoline-based vehicles, which can contribute highly to global warming. Are you ready?

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