Interesting Facts About Alexander Graham Bell For Kids

    There are some facts about Alexander Graham Bell for kids that parents need to introduce.  Most kids nowadays have no idea about the basic concept of the ‘device’ that they are now using to access the internet.  They don’t know that the original concept of a smartphone is actually the device for communicating. It is the time when they need to understand how the telephone was invented.

    Check Out These Incredible Stories About Alexander Graham Bell For Kids

    Bell First Telephone
    Bell First Telephone

    A telephone was the device that allowed two people to communicate from distance.  If Alexander Graham Bell didn’t make an invention of this device, then it will be very hard for people to contact each other from a distance.  The fact that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone was because of the deafness of his mother and wife.  He was very interested in learning about how the sound was transferred.

    Facts About Little Alexander Graham Bell

    In 1847, a baby was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His parents named him Alexander Bell. The father and grandfather had exactly the same name. Alex, how he was called, wanted so much to own a middle name.  Then, his father gave the name ‘Graham’ for the middle name, as the 11th birthday gift for Alexander.

    Little Alexander loved his mother deeply. His concern about his mother was so high as he should have spoken closely to his mother’s ear.   His childhood has encouraged him to help everyone with similar problems. He and his father decided to pay attention deeply to those who have impaired hearing. Then, they became therapists for those who have difficulties in speaking and hearing.

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    The Long Process of Telephone Invention

    Alexander grahambel

    Alexander made lots of experiments that relate to the science of sound. The technology of sending voice signals through wires was not invented in a year or two. It was in 1876, on March 10th exactly, he was trying this invention by making a call to Thomas Watson, his loyal assistant who had been working hard with him in making those experiments.

    Keep in mind, kids, that Alexander was struggling a lot in winning the patent for his brilliant invention. Lots of scientists also claimed this kind of invention, though finally, he got the patent for creating a device named ‘the telephone’.

    Establishing A Telecommunication Company That Still Lasts Until Now

    Bell Telephone company

    A year after the invention, both Alexander Bell and Thomas Watson established the Bell Telephone Company in 1877. He kept exploring ideas in creating the transcontinental telephone.  He finally tested his product at the beginning of 1915 when he made a call from New York City. Again, he called Thomas Watson in San Francisco.

    Through decades, the company has undergone several changes in names, with various mergers. But, the company is still ruling the world, and it is called AT&T.  The telephone has always been one of the most required devices for everyone. It was surprising that Alexander didn’t even want to have it in his office, as he considered that it was bothering.

    Other Inventions

    This brilliant man was also inventing a metal detector for finding a bullet inside a person’s body. The product was utilized when president James Garfield was shot, and doctors should find and pull it out.  He was also inventing an audiometer, which is the basic instrument to help people in hearing more clearly.

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    However, his deep concern about people with hearing problems remained strong. He was the first person who created the way of teaching deaf people to be able in speech understanding.

    The Death Of The Inventor

    He died on August 2, 1922, in Nova Scotia.  At the same time when Alexander’s coffin was lowered in the grave,  all the telephone services were suspended throughout the United States and Canada. All the interesting stories about Alexander Graham Bell for kids are very inspiring for millions of people worldwide.

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