10 Fun Facts About Architect

    It’s nice to be a good architect. You can design various types of houses and buildings. You can also use your creativity to create unique buildings. Architects combine creativity and calculation. To become a reliable architect, you need to have high imagination and be good at calculating. You also have to master your drawing skills. That’s very basic. Are you interested in becoming an architect in the future? Before you think about the answer, try reading some fun facts about architects below.

    The first thing an architect does is not draw!

    Architect Facts For Kids - Drawing

    An architect cannot immediately put his imagination in his drawings before the field survey. Do you know that the work of an architect is exclusive? One location is suitable for a particular design. That means before drawing, the architect must study the location he will build. How is the land? How does the surrounding buildings affect? How the social or economic conditions in the area? All that architects think about to get the right design. That’s  all example fun facts about architect that you need to know

    Facts about architect that amaze you

    Architect Facts For Kids
    Building Design

    1. Did you know that working as an architect is not only designing buildings? They also think about how to make the building comfortable to live in. Architects again even think about environmental sustainability. An architect thinks about how a building does not destroy nature.

    2. The very first thing that the architect does is meet with their clients. The point is that the architects know what kind of house they want. After everything was agreed upon, the architect began to do his job.

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    3. Architects usually work with the government. Some of them also opened private firms. Architects work in offices, traveling rarely.

    4. An architect must think about the impression of a room. A small space can seem big in the hands of an architect. Likewise, a large room can seem small. Another image that an architect can create is the comparison between buildings. Maybe you see the house next to you is bigger than yours. But it’s actually smaller in size. It’s just that the architect makes it seem bigger.

    5. Drawing is the language of an architect. Every line that the architect creates must have a reason. Architects don’t just imagine. Architects also count. Architect thought of the use of even just a line.

    6. Architects think not only of houses but of trees as well. To be able to contribute to greening, architects need geography. An architect learns this to save the environment.

    7. An architect must think about how the building he creates requires little maintenance.

    8. Did you know that primary washing soap or washing clothes in your home harm the environment? Improper waste disposal causes environmental damage. This is where the architect’s role is to design the exhaust system so as not to pollute the environment.

    9. Culture is something that must be considered by architects in designing something. You must often see stark differences between Japanese, European, or Ethiopian homes, right? Architects have to think of a suitable building in the right place.

    10. An architectural design suitable for your house’s location is not necessarily ideal for a location at your friend’s house. This concept shows that the designs that architects make are exclusive.

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    Is becoming an architect your dream?

    So, if you currently like games of arranging dollhouses or compiling Legos, maybe you are interested in becoming an architect in the future. You can make paper, markers, colored pencils, building blocks as your best friend. Imagine that you can make a house for your parents when you grow up. Interesting?

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