Which of these 7 fascinating facts about cheetahs do you know?

    Cheetahs are large cats native to Central Iran and Africa who are known to be the world’s fastest land animal. There are many other animals that physically look like cheetahs such as leopards, jaguars, ocelots. However, cheetahs have their own characteristics that make them distinct from the aforementioned animals. Previously, we have been discuss facts about white tigers. Here are some facts about cheetahs that can make you know more about the world’s fastest runner.

    How fast can a cheetah run?

    Cheetah Running

    Being the world’s fastest runner, you must be wondering how fast this large cat can run. A cheetah can run 76 miles per hour. In less than three seconds, cheetahs can reach the speed at 68 mph from a standstill position. What an amazing acceleration rate it is! A female cheetah named Sarah broke the record as she could run 100 meters in less than 6 seconds.

    The physical characteristics

    Cheetahs are born to be a fast runner. Every part of their body allow them to run quickly. They have slim, long, and strong legs that help gain speed faster. Besides, they also have a flexible spine that can flex as much as cheetahs want, allowing them to rotate their scapula and hips a way that increases speed.

    Also, cheetahs has semi-retractable claws, which never fully retract unlike other big cats. It means the laws provide powerful traction to the ground whenever cheetahs are ready. Other body adaptations include, a strong heart, large nostrils and big lungs to allow more oxygen that strengthen the muscles, so they can sprint faster.

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    Cheetahs’ habitats and distribution

    Cheetah Facts

    These animals are found in Africa, with the most population is in Sahel, northern Africa. According to the Smithsonian, they are distributed across southern and eastern Africa. In Iran and other countries, a small population of cheetahs lives. They are currently critically endangered. In order to regrow the population, conservation efforts are underway.

    Cheetahs can be found in a variety of habitats but don’t expect them to live in dens or burrows. The majority of them live in open plans and desert regions while some others live in grasslands and dry forests. They need to live in places where there are herbivores’ food sources grow. Where there are herbivores like antelope and zebra, carnivores like cheetahs are more likely to find.

    Are cheetahs friendly animals?

    Compared to other wild cats, cheetahs are rather docile. Even though they are not considered as an active threat to humans, they still belong to wild animals. Therefore, don’t ever attempt to touch a cheetah including the one in conservation area for the sake of your own safety and the cheetahs’ well-being.

    Do they have sharp teeth like lion?

    Cheetah Eat

    Unlike lions or leopards, cheetahs do not have impressive sharp teeth. Therefore, don’t expect that they would piece their prey’s throats like lions do. Instead, they need to strangle their victims slowly.

    What sounds do cheetahs make?

    Most of big cats roar but cheetahs are the exception. Their sounds are categorized into meowing, purring and beating. Like their lion relatives, cheetahs also use smell for communication. They, for example, urinate in particular areas to mark their territory. Females also do the same way to signal that they are looking for a mate.

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    Do cheetahs hate water?

    This is probably one of the most fascinating facts about cheetahs. Many people think that cheetahs do not need to drink water to survive. The fact is that they need water just like other animals but not much as other big cats do. They can survive up to two weeks without drinking water because they obtain water from the body fluid of the animals they eat.

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