5 Amazing Facts about Elephants for Kids for Learning at Home

    If you are a fan of zoos, then now is the time to read facts about elephants for kids! Why discuss elephants? Because the elephant is one of the big friendly animals. Other mammals larger than elephants are marine animals, namely the Blue Whale in the Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, and the Pacific Ocean. Even though they are large, elephants are herbivores, aka plant-eaters. Did you guys just know this fact? Take it easy, we will discuss other interesting facts. So, stay tuned, huh!

    Facts about Elephants for Kids and Its Special Characteristics

    Did you know that the elephant family living in the world today has two major groups? The two species of elephants are the African Elephant or Loxodonta Africana and the Asian Elephant or Elephas maximus.

    1. How are Asian and African Elephants different?

    Asian Elephants Vs African Elephants

    Broadly speaking, we can know the difference between the physical elephant. The thing that stood out was the size and ears. African elephants have a larger physique as well as the size of their prominent ears.

    Adult African elephants weigh around 5,000 to 14,000 pounds and are about 8 to 13 feet at shoulder height. Its sibling, the Asian elephants, are relatively smaller, weighing an average of around 4,500 to 11,000 pounds. Asian elephants are also not very tall, which is about 7 to 10 feet.

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    2. Where do elephants live other than in zoos?

    Elephant Habitat

    African elephants live in tropical forests in Central and West Africa, the Sahelian desert, and sub-Saharan. Meanwhile, the Asian elephants that are scattered in Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal live in tropical forests.

    3. Is elephant food just plants?

    Yes! As we mentioned a little above, elephants are herbivores. However, as the largest animals in the world, of course, they need a very large number of plants to be consumed every day. Of course, they need a lot of energy to be able to move. They even need most of their day, which is 16 hours a day, to fill their stomach until they are full. We compare ourselves to eating vegetable or fruit salads. Surely we need a big bowl, right? Moreover, an elephant whose body is many times bigger than us!

    The plants that elephants eat are varied, not just grass. Some of his favorites include fruits, bamboo, seeds, leaves, twigs, and even flowers. So, guys, to be big and strong, our diet has to be diverse and lots of vegetables too!

    4. Are elephants an agile animal?

    Although elephants are among the animals that are often featured in circuses, elephants cannot jump swiftly. It’s different from the picture in comics and animated films, of course. Not only because of its enormous size, but there are other reasons behind it too.

    The elephant has a distinct bone structure that does not allow it to jump. Human bones point up and down, while for elephants, they point downwards only. This causes the elephants cannot generate springs to jump into the air.

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    But this is not a bad thing, because our friend does not need a jumping motion in everyday life. As the largest animal, it does not need to avoid predators. He also doesn’t need to have trouble reaching for food, because he has a trunk. So, he doesn’t have to jump up and down.

    5. Is the elephant afraid of water?

    Elephants In Water

    Guys, elephants are not cats! Maybe this is a surprise for you, but our friend, this one, is a good swimmer. Despite their size, they don’t just drown. On the contrary, they can float and it is thanks to their trunk that they can swim long distances. So, one of the facts is the use of an elephant’s trunk not only for eating and drinking but also for swimming.

    So, what do you think about all the facts above? Fine Fox Facts, Bear Facts, and more animal facts in our site.

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