10 Facts About Foxes For Kids That Are Often Overlooked

    If you are an animal lover, then at least you can support the anti fox hunting movement. Unfortunately, there are actually so many misunderstood facts about foxes for children. Call it a fairy tale. Foxes are often described as antagonistic characters or cunning creatures who want to harm the main character. That’s what makes people ignorant about the fate of foxes. What are the interesting things we should know about foxes? Listen on, yes!

    1. From Which Family Do Foxes Come From?

    Facts About Walking
    A Fox Walking

    This question is still being debated in the community today, right? Is the fox a cat or a dog? We’ll find out from this review.

    Like other animals, foxes also have several species. The majority of them are loners. While hunting for food and sleep, they prefer to be alone. They also chose to raise their young by hiding in burrows underground.

    Basically, foxes are related to wolves. That means, he also has a kinship with dogs. However, their characters are also mostly similar to cat characters. For example, they had vertical pupils that could be used for lurking in the dark, so they could hunt at night. The mustache and paws can be pulled.

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    2. The Fox With The Mustache On The Feet?

    Fox Facts
    Fox Mustache

    Unlike cats and possibly other animals with mustaches, foxes not only have whiskers on their faces but also on their feet. The function of the mustache on the feet is to determine the direction, especially at night or in the dark.

    3. The Master Hunter

    Foxes are clever hunting animals. Maybe that’s why he often appears as an antagonist in children’s fairy tales. Foxes make use of the earth’s magnetic field for hunting. They are very agile and can jump in all directions of the wind, especially the favorite is the northeast.

    4. Fox, Viral Pet

    Confused about choosing a cat or dog? So it could be that the fox is the right choice for you. Recently, frequently appearing on FYP TikTok, owners showing off their pet videos. It can be seen from the comments and the number of likes on the video that foxes are now a pet trend. Most of the netizens also stated in the comments that it was their first time seeing how cute and adorable foxes are as pets.

    5. Fox Hearing Incredibly Sharp

    The hearing ability of foxes is beyond doubt. They are noted to be able to listen to objects or prey that are tens of meters to approximately 36.5 meters away.

    6. Do Foxes Like To Run?

    These facts about foxes for children seem to be able to motivate children to become sportsmen and change the image of foxes that are already bad in children’s fairy tales. The fox is one of the fastest animals in the world due to its ability to run up to 72 km/hour. Wow!

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    7. The Fox Will Not Eat You!

    There are several fairy tales about foxes who kidnap small children and eat them, like wolves. Though all of that is not true. Foxes are omnivores that feed on plants, small mammals, and birds.

    8. Best Friends Forever!

    This adorable orange fur has a relatively long life span. In the open, they live up to about 3 years, but if cared for properly, for example in captivity, they can live up to ten years.

    9. The Fur Coat Is More Quality Than Your Winter Coat!

    Foxes are blessed with amazing fur. For example, the arctic fox. They can casually walk around in temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius. How are you with us then?

    10. It Can Laugh And Have Dozens Of Other Voices

    “What the fox said?” If you read these words and then automatically sing them, you should know the facts about foxes for kids, because the laughing sound in the song is really the voice of a fox! Yes, foxes can make sounds like laughter! And besides, they have 40 different types of scream sounds.

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