Facts about Mercury For Kids: How Interesting Is It?

    The comprehension of Mercury for kids is very much important. While the existence of other planets should not be taken for granted, Mercury has lots of things to learn.  There are so many things to explore when it comes to the solar system. This is why, learning about Mercury is very interesting, due to the facts about this planet.

    How The Facts About Mercury For Kids Can Be Very Entertaining?

    Mercury has lots of things to explore. Through this article, kids can learn about the size and real color of Mercury. Most of the time, people just consider that this planet has an orange color, due to its closeness to the sun. So, keep reading to find out the real facts that you can check to enhance your knowledge.

    Why It Is Called Mercury?

    Nobody knows who named Mercury exactly for the first time. But, it was believed that it is named after the god of a messenger in ancient Romans. Galileo wasn’t the first person who initiated the observation of this planet in the 17th century through a telescope. But, in 1639, Giovanni Zupi did it first, in identifying the orbital phases. It was stated that it resembled the orbital phases of the moon and Venus.

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    The Mystery Of Mercury

    It is very interesting to know that there are lots of unknown facts about this planet. Experts hardly explore more facts about  Mercury. Even now,  it is still hard to find out whether the planet has an atmosphere or not.  Even if it does, the atmosphere volume is not as big as the Earth’s. But, many scientists say that the rocky structure of the planet is almost similar to the earth. 

    The Cold Planet and Small Planet

    Mercury Location
    Mercury The Closest Planet To The Sun

    Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.  You will think that the climate on this planet will be very hot. On the other hand, this small planet is somewhat cold. It is estimated that the temperature ranges from 801°F in the day to -279° F at night Unlike what we experience here, the sun doesn’t take a long time to rise and set, because of the slow spin and short year. The sun rises in Mercury only each 180 Earth days.

    This is the smallest planet with the fastest rotation at 50 km/second. It rotates around the sun every eighty-eight Earth days. It means, one year of the Earth is similar to three months of Mercury.  Mercury is also different from other planets, in which it has no moon, nor ring. The Mercury cannot be seen clearly from the twilight time, due to its close distance to the sun.

    Passing The Earth

    The transit of Mercury is the moment when the planet moves across the face of the sun 13 times within a century. This planet finishes 3 rotations about its axis for every 2 orbits of the Sun. How far is it from the earth? it is approximately forty million miles away from our planet.

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    The Real Color Of Mercury

    Mercury Facts - Real Color

    The real color of this planet is dark gray, due to the dust and rocks that dominate the planet. As it has no atmosphere, it doesn’t reflect the sun.

    The Real Size Of The Planet

    Most human beings think that they are the ‘center of the galaxy’. The fact is that the Earth is considered very small against lots of stars and planets, including Mercury. This planet is eighteen times bigger than the earth.

    Any Idea To Make A Visit?

    Those facts of Mercury for kids are interesting, right? Any idea to make a visit? There had been three spacecraft that have visited this planet. In time to come, you can be one of those excellent astronauts!

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