6 Fun Facts about the Philippines for kids to Explore

    Learning about other countries does not merely learn about the geographical information but also explore different culture. It is a way to understand the world better. Among the interesting countries to explore is the Philippine. Below are some fun facts about the Philippines for kids.

    Means Of Public Transportation In The Philippines


    If you want to get around in the Philippines, you should try to get on a Jeepney. It is one of the most popular public transportation means in the country. This public vehicle is very easy to notice in the city as it’s very colorful. However, it is always super crowded. Although it’s very fun to go around by Jeepney, you have to be careful because pickpockets are around.

    The alternative to explore the Philippines is by a tricycle ride, called a tuk-tuk. It’s a three-wheeled public utility vehicle featuring a motorcycle and an attached car on the side. Similar to Jeepney, it has vibrant colors. Riding tuk-tuk is really a unique way of travelling. You shouldn’t miss it.

    The Longest Underground River In The World

    Puerto Princesa Subterranean - Philipines Facts For Kids

    The Philippines is the place where the world’s longest underground river exists. It’s the Puerto Princesa Subterranean that runs straight 8.2 kilometers underground into the ocean. Not only is it the longest underground river across the globe, it is also the most beautiful one as it is surrounded by wonderful limestone karst and small, rushing waterfalls. The length and the beauty of the underground river makes it tone of the new seven wonders of nature.

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    Hundreds Of Individual Languages Are Spoken In The Philippines

    There are two official languages of the Philippines namely Tagalog and English. But, do you know that there are around 175 individual languages spoken in the Philippines. Out of those languages, only four of them that have no known speakers. The rest 171 languages are still living. How did the Philippines come to have a lot of languages are still not clearly known but it is believed that it’s due to a number of factors such as trade, colonialism, and tourism.

    A Filipino Popularized Yo-Yo In The US

    Have you ever played yo-yo? It is one of the oldest games in the world as this toy has been existed for thousands of years. It’s still unknown who invented this toy for the first time. According so some historians, it could be from Greece, China, or the Philippine. Apart from that, the person who brought yo-yo to the US was a Filipino, name Pedro Flores.

    What’s The Most Popular Snack In The Philippine?

    Philipines Facts - Balut

    When it comes to cuisine, the Philippines offers lots of delicious options but nothing beats balut. It is a hard-boiled duck embryo or incubated duck egg, usually served warm. This iconic and exotic Filipino delicacy is very famous among foreigners. The mild taste and creamy texture makes this dish so special. Balut vendors can be found along the streets near the public markets in midday.

    The Longest Christmas Celebration

    Generally, people celebrate Christmas no longer than one or two months unless they are a holly jolly fanatic. If you want to feel a longer Christmas vibe, you can visit the Philippine where the holyday is celebrated for four until five months from September to January. Right after the National Heroes Day ends in the end of August, people begin to decorate the streets with traditional star-shaped lanterns signaling Christmas is coming.

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    It’s really interesting to know further about other countries, isn’t it? More importantly, knowing the fun facts about the Philippines for kids above can expand our insight that in the world we live in are a wide variety of practices, norms, beliefs, and ways of life.

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