What Are Some Fun Facts About Clouds? Check Out These 4 Highlights

    Have you ever watched clouds on the sky? What grabbed your attention, the color, the shape, or how they move? Watching the clouds is indeed a fun thing to do. Most of the time, clouds are white and they float high in the sky. Sometimes, they are gray, low, and thin. There might be a time when the color of the clouds turn to a little green. The color and other characteristics help us predict the upcoming weather. Are you interesting to know more on fun fact about clouds? Read further.

    How clouds are formed?

    Cloud Facts - The Forming Of Cloud
    The Forming Of Clouds

    Most clouds look like fluffy giant cotton balls floating in the sky. They vary in sizes and shapes; some of them have similar shape to butterflies while others look like snowmen. Only your imagination that can limit how they look. Have you ever felt curious about how they are formed and where they come from or go?

    Clouds are basically a group of tiny droplets or water that are so light that they seem to float in the air. It means that clouds are made up of water. Warm air that holds much moisture rises up because of buoyancy. When it reaches the atmosphere, it expands because of lower pressure in the air. Then, it cools so that the air starts to condensate into droplets.

    As the droplets are so light, it can be held by the rising air currents. They form a cloud when a large mass of air condenses. A number of factors such as the winds, level of moisture, and amount of heat, influence how high and what type the clouds are.

    The meaning behind the color

    Most of clouds are white in color. Have you ever wondered by they are white? It is because they are scatter sunlight in all direction and the color of sunlight is white. Clouds can get darker when they contain bigger droplets at the top. They don’t reflect light as they are filled water. It is a clue that the rain is coming. Sometimes clouds look green. It usually signals a tornado is coming.

    Some types of clouds

    Cloud Facts - Various Type Of Cloud
    Various Type Of Clouds

    Scientists have named a number of clouds based on their characteristics. One of the most well-known ones is cumulus clouds. They look similar to fluffy tufts of cotton that vary in shape. These clouds appear on warm, sunny days. Unlike cumulus clouds that are associated with friendly days, cumulonimbus clouds are spread on the sky in larger size. They gives us a clue that a thunderstorm is coming.

    The next type of clouds is cirrus which form high in the sky. Unlike cumulonimbus which appear larger, cirrus clouds are small and wispy. They usually mean a change in weather. Meanwhile, when you see big, high, thin clouds across the sky, it is a sign if rain or snow. The clouds you see are named cirrostratus. Sometimes, rain or snow is signaled by other clouds called altostratus which are low and gray. The clouds cover the entire ski and look soft. Actually there are some other types of clouds but the aforementioned above are the most-frequently formed.

    Other fun cloud facts

    Clouds In The Sky

    Learning further about this natural phenomenon is very interesting. Clouds look as light as cotton, but they actually contain millions of liters of water. Can you imagine how heavy they are? What about fog? Is it similar to cloud? Actually it belongs to stratus cloud that forms low near the grounds. These clouds are also called as troposphere as they form in the lowest layer of atmosphere. Clouds exist not only on earth but also on other planets such as on Saturn and Jupiter.

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