Fun Facts About Fish That May Surprise you

    There are many unique fish. You can find various types of fish, from the funniest to the creepiest. You also see the smallest fish to the biggest fish. The shape of the fish also varies from darkest to transparent. Surely you can’t wait to read the fun facts about fish. Hope you enjoy to read fun facts about fish below!

    The Greatest Fish Facts

    1. The Largest Fish In The World

    Fish Facts For Kids - Biggest Fish
    Whale Shark

    Do you want to meet the biggest fish in the world? He is a giant whale that can grow to nearly 60 feet or as long as two buses. It weighs up to 25 tons. It has 4000 teeth that are only 3 mm long. There are about 32,000 types of fish in the world, which is more than the number of all kinds of vertebrate animals.

    2. Fish That Can Live In The Coldest Places

    Fish Facts For Kids - Arctic Codfish
    Arctic Codfish

    Do you always wear thick clothes in winter? These fish don’t even need a blanket to live on the poles. He is the Arctic Codfish, also known as Arctic Cod, living in 2 ° C temperatures.

    3. Fish Drink Most

    Compared to freshwater fish, seawater fish need to drink more. Because seawater is saltier than the liquid in the fish’s body, the fish’s water will constantly flow out. If they don’t drink to replace the lost water, the seawater fish will dry up like dried plums.

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    4. Fish That Do Not Live In Water

    Fish Facts For Kids - Mudskipper fish
    Mudskipper fish

    Did you know what fish spend their lives, not in the water? Its name is Mudskipper fish. Mudskipper fish spend almost all of their time out of the water and can walk on their fins. This fish carries a supply of water in its gill chambers. While on land, Mudskipper fish can also breathe through the pores of its skin.

    Facts About the Most Unique Types of Fish

    1. The electric eel generates an average of 400 volts of electricity. Adult electric eels can produce an electric pressure of 650 volts, which is enough to knock a horse down.
    2.  Sawfish is an endangered animal and is an animal that has survived since the Cretaceous period and can live in saltwater and in freshwater. The saw becomes both a weapon and a sensory organ that is lined with sensitive pores. This fish can prey without having to see it.
    3. Did you know that sea animals are not fish—similar starfish such as shellfish, octopus, starfish, crayfish, and jellyfish. Sea stars do not have brains. Special cells in the skin will capture information about the surrounding environment.
    4. Poison fish is a favorite food in Japan.  It is fugu fish. In Japan, fugu or Pufferfish is delicious but deadly. This fish contains the poison tetrodotoxin. However, this fish is also very delicious if appropriately processed. Processing is very risky. To prepare this fish menu, a chef must have a particular school certificate that teaches how to prepare this poisonous fish.
    5. Fish that have thin fins with broken tails indicate very fast movement. In contrast, fish that live between rocks and corals near the seabed have wide side fins and a large tail.
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    Scientists have so far been able to exploit only 1% of the ocean’s depth. They believe millions of new types of animals and fish on the seabed are waiting to be investigated further. Are you interested in becoming a fish scientist in the future? If so, you will find millions of other fun facts about fish.

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