Find Out Exciting Mountain Facts For Kids

    Are you one of those kids who like to draw a mountain, accompanied by birds, trees, and its surroundings? Then you are not alone! Millions of kids worldwide are always inspired by the shape of a mountain. While kids imagine that the color of the mountain is blue, the fact is that any mountain is not really ‘blue’ like the sky. So, keep reading to find interesting facts about mountains that you might have never heard before

    How Mountains Were Formed?

    Mountain Forming Illustration

    There is a phenomenon when tectonic plates run over each other. Those outer layers of the earth are forming piles of plates which turn bigger and bigger, whenever tectonic crash each other.  Imagine how many times tectonic plates in the nowadays’ Himalaya mountains had bumped into each other. The process took place thousands of years as well.  Claimed as the tallest mountain in the world, its peak, is Mount Everest, the tallest one with 8,850 meters.

    Parts of any mountain include the top of the mountain or summit and the side of the mountain or slope. There are sloping sides, peaks, and ridges, whether they are rounded or sharp. It is hard to imagine that any mountain is not as smooth as we might have thought before

    Do Mountains Have Benefit for The Earth?

    Many of us must have been wondering why mountains are formed, and whether they deliver benefits for human beings. The fact is that mountains can bring good protection upon the earth, whenever there are shocks from the galaxy. When the earth has no mountain, then the earth will suffer from imbalance. Just imagine a tent. You will need some nails to set up your tent in avoiding it to fly away. Any mountain on the earth has a similar function as the nail for the tent.

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    Do You Believe that There Are Mountains Outside The Earth?

    Olympus Mons

    Mountains were not only formed on earth. Other planets own their own mountains. Even the tallest mountain that exists in the solar system is on Mars. It is called Olympus Mons with more than 21,000 meters high. There’re also mountains on Venus, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Ceres, Etc.

    Mountains Under The Sea

    Mauna Kea Underwater

    It is interesting to know that there are mountains under the sea. We usually imagine that mountains are very huge and high that we can look at them easily. In fact, there are mountains under the sea. It is even more interesting that most of them are still active. In Hawaii, Mauna Kea is regarded as the highest mountain underwater. Its height is more than thirteen thousand feet.

    Highest Mountains

    Mount Everest

    Climbing a mountain is the real challenge, even for mountain climbers. They never want to stop competing for conquering the highest mountains worldwide. The highest mountain is Mount Everest with its 29,000 feet high. 

    However, there are other high mountains that nobody ever climbed before. It is Gangkhar Puensum. With more than 7,570 meters, this mountain is located in Bhutan. The location of the mountain is on the border with China. However, there are still other mountains with similar heights. They are mostly available in Asia.

    However, there is a mountain that has never been successfully conquered. It is Eiger mountain. Located in the Swiss Alps, its height reaches approximately 40.000 meters. Many people have tried to reach their peak, but none of them came back alive. This is why this mountain is normally known as “Murder Wall”.

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    What Is Life On Mountains?

    Yes, of course, there is life in any mountain. There are people living in thousands of mountains worldwide. For sure, the temperature of the surrounding is very cold, yet still fresh. Life in the mountains is for those who want to escape a hectic life, though it is not recommended for people who are still working actively in urban areas.

    Of course, it will be hard to enjoy a simple life as we are used to, like accessing the internet, watching favorite programs on the television, and many more.  People who live in mountains are mostly farmers, as they can cultivate various products which can only grow in cold areas like potatoes, carrots, and other kinds of fruits and vegetables.

    So, the mountains are everywhere. Every continent in the world has mountains, whether they are situated on land, or beneath the oceans.  Wherever they are, they remain the most gorgeous scenery for every one of us. Read alsa river facts for kids to broader your knowledge.

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