15 Shocking Python Facts for Kids

    Previous, we have been discussed facts about elephant for kids. Now, if you have an interest more in natural sciences, then you should also read the python facts for kids! Did you know that this type of snake is a wild snake? This beast is like other large snakes, namely the boa constrictor and anaconda, which can defeat enemies horribly. What are the facts about the characteristics of this snake? Let’s take a look!

    Python Facts for Kids That Are Amazed You!

    Python Facts For Kids

    Do you know? In fact, pythons can actually be kept as pets? For reptile lovers, it is an honor if they can take care of these ferocious animals and obey them. However, most people in the United States, releasing their pets in Florida. Precisely in the Everglades, which then experienced problems because the snakes ate local native animals, even alligators. Ooh, scary, right ?! Don’t be scared just yet, let’s learn more!

    1. The jaws of this snake are very flexible. This made it easy for him to open his mouth so wide that he could swallow a large animal alive!
    2. Even so, pythons can only eat up to six times a year.
    3. But don’t worry, because most pythons do not injure humans if they are not disturbed! In fact, they often attack their owners if there is a technical error while feeding them.
    4. Pythons come in a variety of colors, including green and brown popular ones.
    5. The scale pattern on the surface of the snake’s body is very varied, which turns out to be according to different environments.
    6. Pythons are ambush predators, so they blend into their environment and use camouflage methods. Cunning, right?!
    7. This snake has a long life span and can grow in size, so they also need skilled owners to care for them.
    8. Even in nature, this type of snake becomes the most durable snake in its life. The oldest ones were found to be up to more than thirty years old.
    9. Python Reticulated is the largest of its kind. Its enormous size weighed two hundred and fifty pounds and reached over thirty feet in length. It is also found in wild nature.
    10. But there is also the smallest python found, namely the Pygmy Python which only weighs about seven ounces and is only twenty inches long. No, this is not the size of a child’s snake!
    11. Pythons are a type of reptile which means they are also scaly, reproduce by laying eggs, and are cold-blooded animals.
    12. They also have the disadvantage of being unable to regulate their own body temperature and depend on their surroundings to help warm and cool the body.
    13. Even though snakes are animals that are known for their deadly venom, do you know that not all snakes are venomous? Pythons are one of the non-venomous snakes. Then how do they catch their prey? This snake will use its strength to wrap around the body of the prey and crush the bones before being eaten.
    14. The python has the largest snake family in the world as it consists of 41 species!
    15. Where can we find them? Pythons can be found in Australia, Asia, and Africa. Their habitats also vary, from deserts to grasslands, mountains to marshes, and rainforests.
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    Other Unique Abilities

    Even though they have noses, pythons don’t use them to smell smells like we do. Then, how can they smell their prey? This will surprise you because they use their forked tongues to taste the aroma molecules scattered in the air. After you know the surprising python facts for kids, don’t be afraid of these wild animals because they don’t attack if you don’t disturb them, OK?!

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