Sedimentary Rock For Kids

    Previous, we have been described to you Igneous rock facts for kids. Now, The ideas of sedimentary rock for kids should be explained clearly. Most kids think that rocks are just a piece of hard stuff, which is not formed from organic stuff. As a matter of fact, any sedimentary rock is formed through the process of depositing sediments under the water. They are mostly formed under the sea and lakes.

    Sediments are organic creatures and particles under the sea, as well as some minerals. It is still hard to believe how come soft particles and minerals are cemented and forming rocks. Of course, the sedimentation process doesn’t take a week or two. It takes years or even decades for those minerals and organic particles to layer and forms rocks.

    Details About Sedimentary Rocks For Kids

    It is interesting to find the existence of minerals and organic particles within the seas. Believe it or not, those minerals were transported from things outside, like erosion, mass movement from the wind, ice, and many more. What about the organic particles? Those particles were derived from the body parts, waste, shells of dead body creatures. The piling wastes can form sedimentary rocks. This is why some sedimentary rocks are softer than common rocks.  

    Where Can We Find Sedimentary Rocks? 

    Sedimentary rocks

    Sedimentary rocks, astonishingly, cover the area’s majority of our Earth. When you find lands with rocky surfaces, then they are called sedimentary rocks. Geologists have estimated that sedimentary rock dominates the Earth’s surface for approximately 73%. The rest of the Earth is covered with igneous and metamorphic rocks. They are easy to find anywhere. But, it is much easier to find them on cliffs, seas, and lakes. 

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    What Can We Find On Sedimentary Rocks? 

    You must have tried some experiments with your teachers. You saw some layers on the sedimentary rocks which are known as strata. It is very astounding to see the various structures of strata, which contain layers stacking upon one another. The thickness of every stratum varies. The thinnest ones may be less than 10 millimeters, while other strata can be more than a kilometer!

    What Is The Importance of Sedimentary Rock

    The Forming Of Sedimentary rocks

    Now, you must be wondering why geologists should learn about sedimentary rocks and their layers. The fact is that the history of the Earth can be detected from where the sedimentary rocks lie. The geologists can also learn about the climate of the area, where they can find rocks. Nowadays, studying the sedimentary rocks and their strata is very important for those who are about to construct roads and tunnels, as well as some buildings. 

    Examples of Sedimentary Rocks

    Some kinds of sedimentary rocks include: 



    It is formed of sand particles which are compiled for centuries. This kind of sedimentary rock remains the most popular building material, thanks to its sturdy composition.  



    This is the kind of stone that was composed of the piling up minerals and sea creatures’ waste. All of them were compressed underneath the base of the ocean. It is also common to find this stone for building materials. Yet, it is often to be used for cement, chalk, glass. 



    Shale comprises clay and mud. This kind of stone is very popular for the basic material of bricks, paint ingredients, and also base materials. 

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    The Best Use Of Sedimentary Rocks 

    Other kinds of sedimentary rocks that are also used for building materials include conglomerate and rock salt. Another amusing fact about sedimentary rock for kids is the reason why sedimentary rocks are perfect for building materials. The main reason is because of their rough structures. The uneven surface makes it easier for the overall construction process.  

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