Best Things About Theodore Roosevelt for Kids

    Previously, we have been discussed Facts About Barack Obama. Now, we will talk about Theodore Roosevelt. The name Theodore Roosevelt for kids is very popular, particularly for those who love history. This 26th president of the United States had such a great achievement during his presidency. However, Theodore didn’t reach his success in an instant.  He had gone through several obstacles before reaching his success.

    Interested On Great Stories About Theodore Roosevelt for Kids?

    Theodore Roosevelt Childhood

    Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27th, 1858. He belonged to a well-heeled family in New York City. He was not a really healthy kid. He got asthma. He was often sick as well.

    His condition urged him to enroll in a homeschooling program. But, his father wanted him to get well soon, so he was urged to join several exercises. He had grown perfectly fine ever since and got great achievement until he enrolled at Harvard University in Cambridge. The result of his long term exercises was his success in winning the boxing program from college.

    He also graduated with good grades. Then, his life was very ideal when he met the love of his life, got married, and managed to become a member of the state assembly of New York. But, his family life was ruined when his mother and wife died, due to severe illness in 1884.

    Did Roosevelt Give Up?

    After the heartbreaking moment, he moved to the western part of the United States. Then, he decided to become a cowboy. His passion for having outdoor activities on the ranch had paved his way to becoming the president, which might never have come across his mind before.

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    He came back to New York after spending two years as a rancher. He got married and started writing before rejoining the state assembly. His experiences as a cowboy had led him to success in fighting back Spain, during the Spanish-American in 1898. He gathered their old cowboy friends, several football players on some college, as well as natives (the red skin) to gain independence of the United States from Spain.

    For sure, he gained his popularity ever since and was elected as New York’s governor in 1899. But, he still continued his passion for outdoor activities. He once explored a shipwreck in a sea where sharks inhabited. He was also active in several cross-country hiking activities, and riding horses. Two years after being inaugurated as a governor, he was elected to become William McKinley’s vice president. Unfortunately, Kinley was then killed by a citizen at a public festival.

    He started serving as president was in 1901 with Charles Warren Fairbanks as the vice president. Then, he was focusing on forming the monopoly system. During his presidency era, many companies joined together so they turned big and didn’t allow any new company to compete. The monopolies took full control of industries, manufacturing factories, infrastructures, and daily supplies.

    However, the monopolies had turned such a nightmare for poor people, who suffered from poverty. It happened because any company could decide how much they paid their workers and the price of the products or services that they sold. This was when Theodore was popular with the name “trustbuster”. And it was the idea of the ‘MONOPOLY’ game.

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    But, Theodore got lots of achievement when it came to several disagreements with other countries. He was the first U.S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize as the negotiator to end the Russian – Japan war.  Then, his time for the presidency ended in 1909 though he made another attempt for the presidency regaining in 1912.

    Unfortunately, he was shot by a citizen who hated his policies when he was having a campaign in Wisconsin. He continued his speech, regardless of his deep hurt. Though he maintained to survive, he lost the presidential race. It was Woodrow Wilson who became the 27th president of the United States.

    Where Did Theodore Spend The Retirement Years?

    Theodore Roosevelt Retirement

    His passion for outdoor activities didn’t stop. He was spending his retirement years in Africa and Brazil for exploring all forests. But, then, his condition turned bad after the death of his son in World War I. Theodore died on January 6, 1919.

    Those amazing facts about Theodore Roosevelt for kids should inspire millions of kids worldwide. They should never give up, regardless of their weaknesses.

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